Sunday, September 4, 2011

John Sunol: unstoppble

-- I know that I have left zgeek alone for some time, but others have set me up and delted my old yahoo account on false accsuations.

Iam fighting Gay Burns and your groups in full as you are wrong. Not me

I will never recognise fault.

I now have a secure e-mail and this is my new e-mail

it is for you to know but I will contact no more.


I will never accept fault and I call you and others on zgeek a bunchof
internet thugs

I have litteraly thousands of followers and people to read my writings
without Zgeek being able to stop me in any way. Neither you nor that Gary
Bruns can do anytghing to stop me. I am unstoppble

Yours in interest


For the record. I nor anyone I know did any such thing. More thank likely someone just complained to the service provider about John's abusive emails.

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